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Interested in becoming a Marshal
Motorsport UK provide Marshal Training courses both in person and on Line
New marshals are encouraged to take part in these events. Of course those who have been marshaling for years should also take part to refresh their skills.

Want to get your Marshal Licence and accreditation.
Go to
 the link below for full information on registering as a marshal with Motorsport UK. 

The online training to obtain the basic licence is available at this link

Once you have obtained the basic Marshals licence then you can work to upgrade as you wish.

Whilst we encourage everyone to register as a marshal why not come along to one of our club events and find out more about the basics of marshaling.



One registered as a marshal you will receive from Motorsport UK  a Marshal Tabard along with other benefits, such as a range of discounts and regular updates.

Saltire Rally Club Marshaling Benefits Scheme
Marshals are a key part of any Motor Sport event. Without marshals there are no events.
To support Marshals we operate a rewards scheme as a way of thanking marshal
s for their efforts.

On each occasion that a person marshals on one of our events they accrue 1 point, on larger events like the Saltire Classic and Mull Classic 2 points

The credits accrued can be exchanged for a reward.

3 Credits - Hi-Viz tabard, headtorch or woolly hat
6 Credits - Club Polo shirt
9 Credits - Club fleece
12 credits - Club jacket

Once you have traded in your credits for a reward you can continue to accrue further credits to claim another reward

The table of points awarded as of December 2023 are available at the link below

To trade in your points contact the Chief Marshal at with your name, number of points you are trading in and if selecting clothing the size required.


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